**as of July 2022

Are you looking to invest in an e-scooter but are confused about the UK regulations and what that means for you?

To help solve some of the confusion we’ve put together this guide to act as an overview for you, and we will keep this update with any official information as and when we get it. 

E Scooter Law UK

Within the Queen’s speech in May, it was announced that as part of the transport bill that the government will be taking steps to legislate the use of e-scooters on public land in the UK. 

So what does this mean for you?

The current situation..

Unlike many of our European neighbours, the use of privately owned e-scooters on public land is currently not permitted unless as part of a trial hire scheme. It is completely legal to own and ride an e-scooter, but only on private land.

Within the trial schemes, rental e-scooters are limited to 15mph (with many limiting the speed on first rides further) and also have a number of other safety features included. 

The next parliamentary session is the 22-23 ‘season’, so we are all hopeful for a change later this year.

What might the regulations look like?

Expect some specific but fair restrictions on your ride.

Taking a look to Europe as a guide, most countries have applied their own slightly different interpretations of the centralized rules set out by the EU. Of course, we are no longer part of the EU, but it’s a useful insight into what our own regulations may look like.

E scooter legislation

The obvious expectations are that e-scooters will have their speed restricted (most likely 15mph), minimum age limits, the need to have lights and there will be strict requirements around wearing helmets. 

Countries like Germany have taken the rules further, with top speeds restricted to 20kph, a front AND rear brake, and the requirement to have an operating license and insurance. 

How far the UK will go is still an unknown, but we are expecting a combination of the above. It’s also interesting to note that many of our models now feature space for a license plate should that become a requirement in the UK.

What do we think?

We believe that regulating the use of e-scooters is ultimately a good thing. 

A quick search on Google will surface tales of irresponsible riding which sadly taint this wonderful, economical form of transport for those of us looking for an environmentally friendly and cheap way to get around safely. 

Our hope is that a sensible and appropriate form of regulations will keep the public safe and allow responsible riders to enjoy their scooters exactly how they’ve been intended to be used.

Watch this space and we will keep you updated!