Congratulations, your new e-scooter has arrived!

In all the excitement, it’s all too easy to want to get out as quickly as possible. Try your best to navigate the extreme excitement and take the time to set your scooter up properly!

If this is your first e-scooter, here’s our top tips for getting you set up and ready to roll…

Read the Manual 

This sounds like a very obvious point to make, but please read the manual carefully before starting on your setup. 

Most models are extremely easy to put together from the box, but all the steps outlined in the manual are critical to having a safely operating vehicle. Take the time to familiarize yourself with all the parts and steps needed to get going. 


Thankfully most scooters come with the required tools to get you going. 

However, if you enjoy a bit of a tinker or are planning to maintain your scooter yourself, a simple set of Allen Keys would be very helpful:

Allen Key Set

One other top tip is to use threadlock on any bolts / screws that are holding together fundamental parts of your e-scooter. 

Threadlock is a glue that you put onto bolts that will stop any vibrations causing them to come loose. If you’re planning to ride off road or on a bumpy surface, a little dab as you get setup will save you a lot of potential frustration!

Battery Charging

When your e-scooter arrives, it may or may not come with a full charge. To help preserve the life of your battery, it’s important to ensure that the battery has a full charge before you use it. 

Given that the battery is one of the most expensive parts to replace, take good care of it and keep your economical ride nice and economical! 

Tyre Pressures

If your model has air inflated tyres (rather than solid tyres), you need to make sure that they are the right pressure before you set off. 

Most tyres will need to be inflated to approximately 40psi. 

Use a basic bicycle pump to do this:

Tyre pump

Or if you fancy going for it and upgrading your tool collection, this Ryobi is an excellent choice:

Ryobi Pump

Take your time and enjoy your new scooter!