In the right hands, an e-scooter is a brilliantly cost-effective, fun AND safe way of getting around.

Riding your e-scooter safely is not hard, but before jumping you do need to consider some key points to keep yourself and those around you safe. 

Riding Modes

Before you go anywhere, read your manual and know your e-scooter and the options you have available to you.

Most e-scooters come with 3-4 different riding modes which either restrict the power or restrict your top speed. Usually these will get you from a slow walking pace on the lower setting through to the full 15mph on the highest.

Our advice is to start off on one of the slower settings until you are completely comfortable with your scooter and how it handles.


Keeping your e-scooter in good working condition is no harder than maintaining a bicycle. Not only will a well looked after machine keep you safe, it will also keep you going for far longer. So, a bit of TLC every now and then is a proper win win.

Keeping your scooter clean is the best first step. Not only will this keep your prized possession in good condition, the act of cleaning means you’re looking at the scooter and in doing so should spot any potential issues.

Regular checks should be carried out on the following:

  • Brakes - check they are working and adjust accordingly
  • Brake pads - do they have enough material on them?
  • Lights - make sure they work before you head out
  • Tyres - do they have enough tread, and are they are the correct pressure?
  • Bell - do you have a working bell or horn?

All very basic stuff that for very little effort, will keep you safe.

E scooter maintenance


Wear a helmet. Really, that’s a complete non-negotiable.

If you are new to riding e-scooters then you may also want to invest in a pair of knee pads just in case. 

A good pair of cycling gloves are also a really sensible investment too, because if you do take a tumble your hands will be the first point of contact with the floor. 

Oh, and please wear a helmet.

Riding Style

The biggest safety measure is the way in which you ride. 

Although going full pelt is fun, you must control your speed to a point at which you can stop should you need to. Steady control is the key, trying to avoid any harsh inputs or actions that will unsettle you and the scooter. 

E scooter safety tips

You also need to consider the surface you are riding on. If it’s rough and bumpy then ride slower, allowing yourself to avoid any pot holes or potential obstacles you may come across. You have to ride to the conditions. 

If you happen to be riding near other people, the fact is that they may not hear you coming. It is your responsibility to adjust your riding accordingly. The best advice is to assume you are invisible. If you ride as though no one can see you coming, you’ll avoid a lot of trouble!